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Teen and Adult GLBTQQIA Services

I specialize in providing therapy services to the GLBTQQIA community and their loved ones.

I come from a place of unconditional respect for the teens and adults that are navigating the very-often murky waters of self-realization in a world that has categorically fallen short in providing acceptance, support, and love to these very valuable and important individuals. 

My passion is in helping GLBTQQIA individuals realize a sense of stability and inner strength in order to shed any judgment and shame that can cause so much pain.  

Trans Services

In addition to psychotherapy focused on helping the client with healthy emotional and psychological adjustment, I offer additional services specifically for clients who identify as transgender. These include providing the following:

  • Mental Health Evaluation for appropriateness for beginning hormone therapy (HRT)
  • Letter of diagnosis and recommendation to client's physician for beginning HRT
  • Letter of diagnosis and recommendation to the court for clients seeking name and gender marker changes
  • Consultation regarding real-world threat and problem-solving around potential dangers of living "out" as trans
  • Help in understanding one's current legal rights under the law and how to work within this framework
  • Assistance in communicating with school personnel and administrators in helping trans teens be successful
  • Referrals to other trans-friendly services such as: physicians, attorneys, and psychiatrists
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